Nourishing mothers to thrive along the mothering continuum

My desire is for all mothers to ease into motherhood feeling supported, nourished and loved. For her postpartum period to be held with reverence and care so that she can emerge rejuvenated and thriving – physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. And thus she may carry forth her work as mother, whilst offering her unique gifts as woman to the world.

Tanya - Postpartum Care Provider, Women's Health Yoga Teacher, RN


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Tanya. I am a wife and a mother to three boys.

My own motherhood experiences drew me to delve deeper into the cross-cultural teachings & art of postpartum care, so to support & nourish mothers as they prepare for and move through their postpartum period.

My vision is for the collective narrative around mothers to be revered because it is the mothers who bring forth and guide our future generations.
In order for the world to be well, mothers need to be well.

I believe that pregnancy and postpartum are times to reclaim, and to call in, the nourishing care that community can offer.


Postpartum Support

I see you & celebrate you as you grow life within your belly. The work you are doing is immense! Soon your baby will be earth side, and as you hold and nourish your baby, who will hold and nourish you?

Cross culturally, postpartum practices that are offered to the newborn mother include an extended resting period, warmth, healing touch, the presence of wise women, and specific foods and herbs that nourish the mother.

We, as a collective in the West, have forgotten how to care for mothers. Though if we lean into the road map that ancient cultures have gifted humanity, we can serve and resource mothers to thrive.

As a postpartum doula I will hold you as you navigate the newness of your child and yourself – even if it is your second or fifth babe. I will draw from these postpartum elements for maternal wellness.

I offer a range of in-home Postpartum Care Packages and one-on-one Postpartum Planning Sessions.


Ceremony & Circle

The transition from maiden to mother is one of THE greatest and most transformative experiences in a woman’s life. I offer Mother Blessings, Postpartum Ceremony and Mother Circles.

A Mother Blessing is mother focused, celebrating her rite of passage into motherhood with ritual, connection and love.

A Postpartum Ceremony brings deep honour and acknowledgement to mothers transition. The Ceremony that I offer includes the use the Rebozo, the element of water, body massage, warmth and a period of rest & integration.

A Mothers Circle is a space to connect with like-hearted mothers and explore the triumphs and challenges of motherhood, with mindset, breath, movement and self-care practices. A beautiful opportunity to grow your village. 


“Tanya was extremely perceptive in getting to know me and my personality before the birth, was therefore more attune to my needs during my labour. She worked to create and hold a positive birthing space for me and my husband. Having a doula was an essential part of my preparation to becoming a mother, and the support and information we received both during the pregnancy and in the postpartum period was invaluable in creating an amazing introductory experience into parenthood!"