I support mothers to thrive during their mothering continuum by offering connection and community with postpartum support, ceremony, circles, and workshops, both in-person and online.


I see you & celebrate you as you grow life within your belly. The work you are doing is immense! Soon your baby will be earth side, and as you hold and nourish your baby, who will hold and nourish you?

Or perhaps you have landed here in the newborn haze desiring some nourishing care, someone to step in to remind you of how incredible you truly are, to cook you some warming nourishing food, to fold your laundry, to massage your feet, to offer you a listening ear.

Cross culturally, postpartum practices that are offered to the newborn mother include an extended resting period, warmth, healing touch, the presence of wise women, and specific foods and herbs that are nutrient-dense and nourishing respectively.  

We, as a collective, have forgotten how to care for mothers. Though if we lean into the road map that ancient cultures have gifted humanity, we can serve and resource mothers to thrive.  

As a postpartum doula I will hold you as you navigate the newness of your child and yourself – even if it is your second or fifth babe. I will draw from these postpartum elements for healing maternal wellness.  

Postpartum Care begins in Pregnancy

Having a plan for your postpartum is an ESSENTIAL for a smoother, more ease filled transition into motherhood.

After you birth your baby, life does not return to how it was. You have also birthed yourself as mother, whether this is the 1st or 5th time.
The weeks after birth are tender, with huge adjustments physically, emotionally & spiritually.

I love to connect with mothers in their pregnancy to begin laying the foundations for a nourished postpartum journey. To consider the ways that YOU can invite in Rest, Nourishing Food & Companionship.

I offer a range of services that offer nourishment for the period after birth. Through your sacred transition as Mother.

My services include:

+ Peaceful Postpartum Planning Sessions (in-person & virtual)
+ 'Fill My Freezer' - NEW OFFERING
+ One off Postpartum Visit
+ Postpartum Packages with 3 tiers of support (also virtual postpartum support)
+ Blessings & Ceremony
+ In-home Yoga session for mothers

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“The support and accompaniment of Tanya as my virtual postpartum doula was so invaluable. Tanya was able to provide much needed emotional support, practical ideas, and resources to assist me and baby.
My husband was always so supportive and glad when we had our call as he knew it would help me so much to have focus time with Tanya being held and listened too.
Space was created to just be and feel the immensity of emotions of motherhood. To reflect and share stories of birth, mothering, relationships and babies. To recognise where help is needed and what options could work to fulfil this need in the current reality. Knowledge gaps were identified and Tanya did an amazing job at finding appropriate resources. This meant I didn’t need to use my limited time google searching and shifting though mountains of information and could rely on the trusted sources provided. Tanya was also able to provide names and details of health professionals and other services needed on my postpartum journey.
I will be forever grateful for the professional service provided by Tanya in preparing and planning before birth and accompanying me during those precious postpartum months.”