A space to connect with like-hearted mothers and explore the triumphs and challenges of motherhood, with mindset, breath, movement and self-care practices. A beautiful opportunity to grow your village.

Are you, sweet mama, wanting to make sense of the transformation that happens when you become a mother?

Are you seeking a village of like-minded mamas who also see motherhood as a sacred act?

Are you desiring deeper connection and conversation?

Or maybe you are craving a sanctuary of calm and soul nourishment; an opportunity to revive the YOU that has been buried in the business of mothering?


Mothers Circles

You have just grown & birthed a baby! Such an epic feat! And now here you are, baby in arms navigating all the newness that newborn life brings, even if it is your fourth.

The journey of becoming Mother can feel overwhelming & confusing AND elating & life-exalting -sometimes all in the same breath – as we meet ourselves and our babies.

The journey of becoming a Mother needs witnessing and acknowledgement.

We are designed to have loving support around us during this profound transition and rite of passage.

Nurtured is a space for you to step into and feel held. It is a space that offers you connection, comfort and support during this time of great change.

Nurtured 5 week Circle Series

Each week has a theme that is linked back to matrescence & motherhood. 

Week 1: Matrescence: becoming & unbecoming

Week 2: Softening with Self-Compassion

Week 3: Mother-Centred Care

Week 4: Reconnecting with our Inner Compass 

Week 5: Celebrating your Rite of Passage

This space will offer you a delightful sense of belonging, reflection and conversation, and practices to positively nourish you mama (which in actual fact ripples out to nourish your children and family!)


During the circles we will experience

  • Meditation & mindfulness practices
  • Facilitated discussion & circle sharing related to our motherhood journey
  • Creative processes & ritual
  • Practical tools to explore and take away
  • Delicious light refreshments provided
  • Above all, an opportunity to celebrate, connect and refuel with other kind-hearted and like-minded mamas, like you!

“I have absolutely loved the sacred newborn mama circles that Tanya organised. It was so beautiful coming together to celebrate this new chapter of life, each session had a theme, some reflection time and an activity. Tanya created a special place for all of us to feel safe and supported to share whatever came up as well as feel celebrated! I had a lot of fun."