Mother Blessing

The transition from maiden to mother is one of THE greatest and most transformative experiences in a woman’s life.

When we go through major life transitions without acknowledging them deeply, we may not anchor the potency of the experience being traversed.

A Mother Blessing is inspired by the traditional Native American Ceremony ‘Blessing Way’ which originated by the Navajo tribe. This ritual celebrates and acknowledges a woman’s transition from maiden to mother.

A Mother Blessing is mother focused. A celebration of her passage with love, ritual, wisdom, and support. It can be created similar to a women’s circle, calling in the women whom the mother feels connected to and then creating a deeply witnessing & honouring space.

It can be held as well as, or in preference to, a baby shower. This gathering can be the beginnings of, or the anchoring of calling in the village of support for the immediate postpartum period and beyond.

Offered within the Mother Blessing are grounding in practices, connection and circle sharing, and activities that offer fear release, celebration and encouragement for the birth, her postpartum, and motherhood journey. Included are communication with guest list, teas, mother candle, flower crown and elements for a foot soak.

For preparation & up to 3 hours facilitation $350

Postpartum Ceremony

Closing the Bones is a traditional postpartum ceremony that is practiced in Central and South America. Similarly, around the world there are many cultures that offer the practice of using cloth to wrap the Mother’s postpartum body with ritual and intention, from Morocco, to Mexico, and to Russia. Many of the elements of this ritual are similar, with some features of the ceremony unique to each culture.

A Rebozo is a long piece of hand-woven cloth that is used with origins to Mexico. The lineage to whom I have learnt the practice of using the Rebozo is through my teacher Rachelle Garcia Seliga (Innate Traditions) and her husband Juan Garcia Alfaro, through his mother Clara Alfaro Bengya.

The ceremony that I offer includes the use the Rebozo, the element of water, body massage, warmth and a period of rest.

It is a beauty-filled experience to offer close to a chapter in time.

Postpartum Ceremony $400

Additional Closing of the Bones details

During pregnancy, labour and the birth itself, a Mother’s body is opened, physically & energetically. The intention of this offering is to bring acknowledgement and honour to the woman who has served as a channel between worlds to bring her child (and children) earth side, and to close a Mother’s body, physically, emotionally & energetically.

Physically, the Rebozo may help to close the pelvis and approximate the abdominal muscles and fascia.

Emotionally, this ceremony serves as a container for the mother to be witnessed and held with reverence. To feel cocooned by the Rebozo, the women around her, and to experience closure for herself.

This ceremony is designed for all mothers from 6 weeks postpartum and beyond. It offers healing in circumstances of pregnancy loss.

The ceremony is beautiful to perform with two people. You are welcome to choose a close friend or relative to join the ceremony and together we become the ones that “hold the space”. Otherwise, I have another woman whom I can bring in to hold the space with me.

Your baby is of course most welcome to be with you during this ceremony. You will be supported to feel as relaxed as possible, with the needs of your baby being met.

The duration of the ceremony is approximately 3 hours, depending on meeting the needs of the moment.

This particular ceremony is offered at The Collective studio. 


What may the Ceremony look like?

  • Using the element of water: a cleansing foot bath / herbal body bath / yoni steam
  • Warm oil massage with organic black sesame seed oil
  • Moxabustion (if appropriate and desired)
  • Rebozo Closing with 7 Rebozo’s firmly wrapped around your body, from head to toe. Symbolically it serves to closes the birth energy
  • A period of rest & integration
  • Unwrapping that symbolically acknowledges the change and opening to the new
  • Opportunity to reflect and share of your experience, with tea and nourishing food

The ceremony is bespoke. It will be tailored to meet your unique preferences, circumstances and needs. 

Prior to the Ceremony we will connect via a call so I can learn of your preferences and desires of the ceremony, and learn a little about your birth and motherhood experience thus far, so to bring deep honour and acknowledgement to your rite of passage.

Bespoke Closing of the Bones $400